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Let’s Talk Rubbish


Putting the Right Stuff in the Right Bin helps our environment and saves your local Council money. These savings could be spent on other public services like play parks, street cleaning and much more. 

If items which we cannot recycle are found in recycling bins it is likely that a whole bin lorry of waste could be contaminated and all waste in it could end up in landfill. If this happens our staff cannot empty the bin and will put a contamination label on it. Check out our Recycling Guide. If you have a large brown wheelie bin for mixed garden and food waste please use this Food and Garden Waste Guide.  





​​Download our guide to BLUE BIN Recycling


  1. Check what goes in your Blue Recycling Bin
  2. Look out for recycling labels on packaging to help identify whether it is recyclable or not. 
  3. Try to recycle items you are sure we collect - such as plastic bottles, papers, cardboard, glass, plastic tubs and trays, aerosols, tins and cans. And try to recycle from every room in the house.
  4. If in doubt, leave it out – don’t put an item in your recycling bin if you are not certain we can recycle it. (We cannot collect recycling bins with items such as nappies, wipes, plastic bags, food, dirty or wet paper or card).
  5. Empty and rinse all containers before you put them in your wheeled bin.

What goes in my grey wheelie bin?

For more info click here

Putting the wrong materials into your recycling bin?

If you put the wrong materials in your recycling bin, we can't collect them. It could contaminate our whole collection and all waste in the lorry may have go to landfill. Please remove the offending item, dispose of it correctly and put your bin out on the next collection date.



BIN-OVATION APP: Download the Bin-ovation app on your smartphone or tablet for information on bin collections and your local Recycling Centres . Simply Go to Google Play or the App Store , search Bin-ovation & Download.

CALENDAR: You can also download your Bin Collection Calendar by clicking here

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