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World Autism Day 2022

As part of our promotion of Autism Awareness Day 02nd April, we are delighted to support this event and invite you to attend this event.  



Jude Morrow is an autistic best-selling author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and keynote speaker from Derry, Northern Ireland. Jude travels the world to showcase through his talks that autistic children can grow up to live happy and successful lives. Jude's books are published by Beyond Words. 
·         Why does daddy always look so sad? (Published 2019)
·         Loving your place on the Spectrum.   A Neurodiversity Blueprint. (Published 2021)



 This workshop is part of a calendar of workshops developed in partnership with the Western Area Autism Group.   For a full list of events throughout the week, please click on the calendar below
Download the calendar here

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