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Race Instructions 2022


 ⭐️2022 Race Instructions

Thank you for registering for the forthcoming Strabane/Lifford Half Marathon which takes place on Sunday the 15th May 2022.  We are delighted that you have entered this year’s event and wish you every success.  If you are a returning participant or visiting for the first time, we look forard to welcoming you to the Strabane-Lifford area and hope that your stay and race experience will be an enjoyable one.

The Strabane Lifford Half Marathon Start Time is 9.30am at Meetinghouse Street, a short walk from the Race Meeting Point.

This year’s event will follow the same race route as 2019 which proved to be very favourable and we would ask you to co-operate fully with the Police, Gardaí, Organisers, Stewards and Race Marshalls to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all.

 ⭐️ Race Meeting Point

The Race meeting point is Melvin Sports Complex, Melvin Road, Strabane, Co Tyrone, BT82 9PP.

 ⭐️ Parking

There is No Parking at Melvin Sports Complex on the day of the event.  There is designated Half Marathon Parking for participants at Canal Street Car Park directly behind the Alley Theatre, a short walk to the Race Meeting Point at Melvin Sports Complex. Other available Car Parks – John Wesley Street, Lower Main Street, Upper Main Street, Butcher Street

 ⭐️ Race Pack – Number, Chip, T-Shirt

You can collect your Race Pack at Melvin Sports Complex ,Strabane on Friday 13th May 5pm – 9pm, Saturday 14th May 9.30am -2.30pm. Those travelling to the event can collect their race packs on Sunday 15th May 7.30am – 8.30am. There will be NO entries on the day.

 ⭐️ Changing Facilities

Shower and changing facilities will be available in Melvin Sports Complex before and after the race. A limited amount of lockers will be provided in Melvin. You will require £1 in order to use these.

 ⭐️ Warmup

Warm up at Melvin Sports Complex Athletics Track (adjacent to the main Centre)

 ⭐️ Race Start Times

The Half Marathon starts at 9.30am. Participants are asked to arrive at Melvin Sports Complex no later than 8.30am on the morning of the Race. Participants should make their way to the race start no later than 9.00am for 9.30am Race Start.

 ⭐️ Race Number & Chip Timing

Your Race Number must be worn at the front of your running top and fastened with safety pins. The Chip Timing is incorporated into the Race Number and the chip will record your race time and place, so it is important that you fasten it securely and it is always clearly displayed.  You may be disqualified if your number is not clearly visible.

Please ensure the emergency contact details are filled out on the back of your race number, in case of emergencies.

 ⭐️ Results

Once verified, the results will be available on our website and also on the  Strabane Lifford Half Marathon Facebook page.

 ⭐️ Water

Hydrate well in advance, there are five water station for the Half Marathon, at the 3, 7, 10 and 11.5 mile marks and at the Finish Line. Please ensure, once you are finished with the bottles, you throw these into the target recycling bins provided at each water station. To reduce the amount of plastic waste at the event, taps will be available at the finish line for participants to refill their bottles.

 ⭐️ Toilets

In addition to the toilet and changing facilities at Melvin Sports Complex, toilets will be available at the Race Start and at Melvin Athletics Track.  There will also be toilets available at the Water Stations at approx. miles 3, 7 and 10.

 ⭐️ Cryotherapy/ Sports Massage

Cryotherapy recovery and injury prevention services are available at Melvin Sports Complex with a 42 jet CryoSpa available. To book in advance, ring Melvin Sports Complex on (028) 7138 2660. Extra facilities will be available from AP Recovery at the finish line.

 ⭐️ Prizes

Category prizes will be determined with reference to the athlete’s date of birth with the exception of the Senior Open prizes, where it is first and second regardless of age.

Top 3 prizes will be given out on the day. All age category prizes will be sent after the race.

 ⭐️ Pacers

We will have race pacers running 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15 and 2:30. Race pacers will have coloured balloons to maximise visibility.

The external pacing of runners by non-participants/cyclists, etc. is not permitted.

 ⭐️ Safety

The organisers have taken important steps to ensure athletes have a safe environment in which they can enjoy their race experience.  Athletes should remember at all times that this event takes place on a public road.  Diversion signs for motor traffic will be in place at various points along the route, but the Course will, nevertheless, remain open to traffic throughout the race and normal Rules of the Road will apply: Traffic has priority. 

Runners are asked to use footpaths where available, or when directed to do so by a marshal, and to keep to the left hand side of the road except when otherwise directed.

The relevant authorities have been notified, signage will be in place to warn motorists, and police and marshals will be in place at important junctions.  However, please be aware that safety is also the responsibility of each athlete.  An awareness of vehicular traffic to the front and rear is essential e.g. when crossing roads, stepping off footpaths, taking the shortest possible routes, etc.  Remember, this is your past time, not the motorist’s.

The wearing of earphones while running (whether in a race or warming up) can be especially hazardous therefore the wearing of headphones is not permitted. Bone conducting headphones such as Aftershokz are allowed.  

No non-competitor (children, partner etc) are allowed to enter the course or cross the finish line with you, Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

Please let organisers or race marshals know if you are having difficulties at any time during the event.


⭐️ Race Cut Off Point

The Strabane Lifford Half Marathon is a running race and participants should make best efforts to complete the course within the 3-hour cut-off point. For Health and Safety purposes, to safely get traffic flowing again in the town and protect all participants, all roads will be reopened throughout the race route after this time, and the race sweep car will collect those unable to keep up with the allotted pace time.

After this time, individuals are at their own risk, they must use the footpath and comply with the rules of the highway, no marshals will remain on the course after this time as the race is over.

 ⭐️ Race Permit/Certificate

This race has a Permit from Athletics NI, the Donegal Athletics Board and Athletics Ireland.

The route has a Certificate of Measurement by a certified Athletics Ireland Course Measurement Official.

Once again thank-you for your registration and we wish you all the best on Sunday.

For more information on the race please go to

If you require any further details before the event, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02871 253,253 or email [email protected]



Strabane Lifford Half Marathon Team

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