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Planning Service continues to operate most services as normal with staff continuing to work from home and the provision of a reduced number of back office staff providing a range of functions to keep the service operational. Site visits have also recommenced for open air urban and rural sites and dynamic risk assessments are carried out to undertake more complex sites.

Planning staff are receiving new applications and progressing existing applications in the normal manner, issuing decisions and using technology to engage with customers where necessary.  New applications and revised drawings or any additional information can now also be dropped off at the Reception of Strand Road Council Offices. However, the Department is unable to offer external meetings in person but we continue to engage with customers through virtual meetings and phone calls.

Planning Committee meetings recommenced following social distancing guidance on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd July 2020 and subsequently on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd September 2020.  Both meetings were livestreamed and can be viewed online on the Council’s YouTube ChannelVirtual Planning Committee Meetings were held on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th October 2020 at 2.00pm. As agreed by Elected Members of Derry City & Strabane District Council in response to Government guidelines and in the interests of providing services safely across the Council area, Virtual Planning Committees will continue until further notice.  Further  information regarding Virtual Planning Committee Meetings can also be found on our website : ‘Addendum to the Operation of the Planning Committee Protocol . Virtual Committee Meetings’.   If you wish to request Speaking Rights at Committee Meetings, you can contact our office directly at: [email protected] or the main office at πŸ“ž028 71 253253 and ask to speak to a member of the Planning Service. Schedules for all upcoming Committee Meetings continue to be advertised on the Planning Section of our website.

The Planning Enforcement Service continues to progress and deal with complaints as far as possible with restrictions on some site visits.  However, rural and urban open air sites are now being inspected along with emergency and priority cases being progressed and under regular review.

The re-consultation on the LDP Draft Plan Strategy stage will run  for a period of eight weeks from 11 September to 06 November. All documents are available online or for inspection by appointment only at the Council offices on Strand Road, Derry, or Derry Road, Strabane. Information is also available at all Council leisure centres and at all public libraries within the Council area. For more information and to book an appointment click HERE.

As the Planning Office is currently closed to public access, anyone requesting planning information about application forms, planning fees and current planning applications are encouraged to visit the planning portal: https://www.planningni.gov.uk  or contact the service directly at [email protected] or the main office at πŸ“ž028 71 253253 and ask to speak to a member of the Planning Service.


Planning: News Highlights



10 September 2020

Derry City and Strabane District Council will be undertaking a period of re-consultation on the draft Plan Strategy (dPS) of the Local Development Plan 2032 (LDP). The re-consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks from 11th September to 6th November 2020.

The Council’s LDP draft Plan Strategy was already published in December 2019, followed by a consultation period which ended in January 2020. However, a procedural error has been identified so this further consultation period is now being undertaken. All those who previously submitted a representation will be written to separately. Any additional or revised representations may now be submitted during this re-consultation period. Further details can be found HERE. 

​​​​enforcement strategy

Find out more about the ES here


Find out more about the SCI here


Find out more about the LDP here

Development Management

FInd out more about DM here

For planning information, application forms, planning fees and planning applications please visit the planning portal:   http: //www.planningni.gov.uk/

​Making Representations on Applications

if you would like to attend the Planning committee to exercise your speaking rights and make representation on a particular application please contact:

[email protected]

Weekly Applications Advertised

Mon 19th October     Derry | Strabane

Mon 05th October     Derry | Strabane 

Mon 28th September Derry | Strabane

Mon 21st September Derry | Strabane

Mon 14th September Derry | Strabane

Mon 7th September  Derry | Strabane 

​Mon 31st August  Derry | Strabane 

​Mon 24th  August  Derry | Strabane 

​Mon 17th  August  Derry | Strabane 

​​Mon 10th  August  Derry | Strabane 

​​Mon 3rd  August  Derry | Strabane | β€‹ FEI - A/2014/0035/RM​

Mon 27th July   Derry | Strabane

Mon 20th July   Derry | Strabane

Mon 13th July   Derry | Strabane

​​Mon 6th July   Derry | Strabane

Mon 29th June  Derry | Strabane

Mon 22nd June  Derry | Strabane

​​Mon 15th June  Derry | Strabane

Mon 8th June  Derry | Strabane

​​Mon 1st June  Derry | Strabane

​​Mon 25th May  Derry | Strabane

​​Mon 18th May  Derry | Strabane | LA11/2020/0252/O – Environmental Statement

Mon 11th May  Derry | Strabane

​​Mon 4th  May  Derry | Strabane

Mon 27th  April  Derry | Strabane

​​Mon 6th  April  Derry

Mon 30th  March  Derry |Strabane

​​Mon 23rd  March  Derry |Strabane

​​Mon 16th March  Derry |Strabane

Mon 9th March  Derry |Strabane

​​Mon 2nd March  Derry |Strabane

Mon 24th February Derry |Strabane

​​Mon 17th February  Derry |Strabane

​​Mon 10th February  Derry |Strabane

​​Mon 3rd February  Derry |Strabane

​​Mon 27th January  Derry |Strabane

​​Mon 13th January  Derry |Strabane

Mon 6th January  Derry |Strabane

​​​​​​Weekly list of New Delegated and Committee applications

​​Mon 7th September  Delegated Committee

​Mon 31st August  Delegated

​Mon 24th August  Delegated Committee

​Mon 17th August  Delegated

​​Mon 10th August  Delegated​​ | Committee

​​Mon 3rd August  Delegated​​ | Committee

Mon 27th July   Delegated​​

​Mon 20th July   Delegated​

​​Mon 13th  July   Delegated | Committee

Mon 6th  July   Delegated

​​Mon 29th  June   Delegated

​Mon 22nd  June   Delegated

​Mon 15th  June   Delegated

​Mon 8th  June   Delegated​​ β€‹| Committee

​Mon 1st June   Delegated​​ β€‹

​Mon 25th May   Delegated​​ 

​Mon 18th May   Delegated​​ 

​​Mon 11th May   Delegated​​ 

​​Mon 4th May   Delegated​​Committee

​​Mon 27th April   Delegated​​ | Committee

​​​Mon 20th April   Delegated​​

​​Mon 13th April   Delegated​​ Committee

Mon 6th April   Delegated​​ | Committee

​​Mon 29th March   Delegated​​ 

​​Mon 16th March   Delegated​​ | Committee

​Mon 9th March   Delegated​​ | Committee

​Mon 2nd March   Delegated​​ | Committee

Mon 24th February  Delegated​​ Committee

​​Mon 17th February  Delegated​​Committee

​​Mon 10th February  Delegated​​ | Committee

​​Mon 3rd  February  Delegated​​

​​Mon 27th January  Delegated | Committee

​​Mon 13th January  Delegated | Committee

​​​Mon 6th January  Delegated | Committee


​Planning Committee Applications for Decision

Planning Application List for 7th October 2020

​​Planning Application List for 2nd September 2020​

​Planning Application List for 29th July 2020​

Planning Application List for 1st July 2020​

Planning Application List for 17 June 2020​

​Planning Applications List for 24th March 2020 Special Planning Committee

Planning Applications List with Recommendation for 4th March 2020 Planning Committee

​​Planning Applications List with Recommendation for 5th February 2020 Planning Committee

Committee Application-presented - 8th January 2020

​​Planning Applications List with Recommendation for the reconvened meeting of the Planning Committee held on 6th November 2019 now being held on 4th December 2019

​​Planning Applications List with Recommendation for 4th December 2019 Planning Committee​​

​​Committee Application-presented -6th November  ​2019

Committee Application-presented -2nd October  ​2019

Committee Application-presented -23rd September ​2019

Committee Application-presented -4th September ​2019

Committee Application-presented -3rd-July​2019

Committee Applications presented 5-June-2019​

​​Committee Applications presented 25th March  2019

​​Committee Applications presented 6th March  2019

​​Committee Applications presented 14th February 2019

​Committee Applications presented 6th  February  2019

Committee Applications presented 9th  January  2019

Committee Applications presented 28th   November  2018

Committee Applications presented 7th   November  2018

​​Councillor’s Code of Conduct – Planning Element

The Local Government Act (NI) 2014 introduced a new ethical regime to local government.

Guidance provided for councillors specifically on the planning element of the Code can be found below.




Derry City and Strabane District Planning Committee Protocol

Please find committee protocol here.

Derry City and Strabane Approved Delegated Scheme

Amended Delegated Scheme

Addendum to the Operation of the Planning Committee Protocol. Virtual Committee Meetings​

How to View Planning Application Files 

For details and information on how to view Planning Application files click here 


Inflationary planning fee increase

Published on Tue, 4 Jun 2019 by [email protected].

The Department for Infrastructure will apply an inflationary increase in planning fees of approximately 1.99%, across all planning application fee categories, from 17 June 2019.

The purpose of planning fees is to cover the cost of processing planning applications. Planning fees have remained unchanged since 2014. The fee increase is essential to assist councils and the Department to cover these processing costs.

When applied, the planning application fee to extend your home will increase from £285 to £291; the fee to build a single house will rise from £851 to £868; whilst the fee for a developer building 50 houses will increase by £356.

The Regulations and Explanatory Memorandum can be found at www.legislation.gov.uk./nisr/2019/112/contents/made