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  • When will my bin be collected?

    Derry City and Strabane District Council operates a bin collection service to over 60,000 households, across the District. There are four main bin collection services offered, across two operating Depots (Skeoge and Strahans Road).

    The services operate at various frequencies covering a Monday to Friday schedule, as follows:

    Black Bin (General Household Waste) and Blue Bin (Mixed Dry Recycling), fortnightly on alternate weeks;
    Brown Wheelie Bin (Mixed Garden and Food Waste) according to collection schedule (either on a Black or Blue bin week) and Brown Food Caddy (weekly).

    Our Refuse collection crews work as efficiently as possible, in all weathers, throughout the year to deliver a quality service to all our residents.


    2023 Bin Collection calendar


  • My bin was lost, how can I get a new one?

    Occasionally a bin goes into the back of the lorry during collection. Where possible our crews will inform householders (via a calling card) this has happened. However, in cases of multiple bin presentation or unnumbered bins, this may not always be possible. Crews will also inform our back-office staff if a ‘lost in lorry bin’ has occurred. If it is confirmed your bin has been lost in one of our vehicles we will provide you with a new (like for like) bin free of charge. If you believe your bin has been lost in the lorry, please contact our helpdesk on T: 02871374107 where details will be verified.

  • How do I get new caddy liners?

    Simply tie a food waste bag to the handle of your bin and the crew will provide you with a new roll of liners when they have emptied the bin/caddy.

    If you are completely out of liners, please contact our Control Room on 02871374107 and a member of staff will be happy to assist.

  • Why was my bin not collected?

    We will always try to empty your bin on your scheduled collection day. However, sometimes for various reasons we may miss some e.g. parked cars, roadworks blocking access to your street, difficult road conditions or adverse weather. Where you are not at fault, and resources permit, we will attempt to go back out for your bin. In these instances, continue to leave your bin out and, if necessary, contact a member of the Refuse Collection Team team on T. 02871374107 for further instructions. Please note: Council reserves the right not to return to collect a bin which was not presented on time, had a raised lid, overloaded or contaminated, or was rejected because it was an unauthorised larger/additional bin. All missed bins must be reported within 1 day of the scheduled collection for us to look into the matter on your behalf. 

  • Will my bin be collected on Bank Holidays?

    Bin collections will run as usual on bank holidays. We will remind householders about bin collections on Bank holidays in advance on our social media platofrms, and website. 



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