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Riverine Community Park

This proposed Project which has recently been submitted for Planning aims to address the impact of the conflict in the Lifford and Strabane area, and its hinterlands, by regenerating the border riverside area to create an iconic cross-border community park straddling the River Foyle as a shared space to bring communities together from both sides of the border, to re-connect and form new, long lasting connections and relationships.

Riverine Community Park will be of local and regional importance and will incorporate the core elements of a pedestrian and cycle bridge between Lifford and Strabane, Riverine Park Building, multi-functional outdoor space and external stage provision, play area, river walk and access, landscaped green-spaces interlaced with a network of pathways and cycleways, wetlands supported by car parking provision.

The project will comprise the creation of new community park infrastructure in excess of twenty five acres by utilising agricultural land and wetlands lying along either side of the border connected through the creation of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge between Lifford and Strabane. The park on the Lifford site will be a designed landscape incorporating indoor and outdoor recreational features, smaller meeting & events spaces for programmed activity, complemented by the use of the naturalised flood plain environment on the Strabane site for informal recreation and environmental education/conservation activities. This diversity of offering makes for a more inclusive and freeing sharing experience.

The proposed project, although not restricted to, comprises the following key components:

  • Building providing indoor space for use on a shared basis for activities including music, drama, multi-media activities.
  • Outdoor flexible multi-functional space to accommodate a range of outdoor programmed & non-programmed activities both small & large scale. The space will have a maximum capacity of c.3,000 persons & will be dual facing for small or large events.
  • A new bridge connection that spans both sides of the River Foyle forming a strong, symbolic statement in terms of the unifying theme of bringing together all of the communities who will use the project.
  • Wetland and park space to encourage participants to enjoy & learn key environmental assets of the area.
  • River based recreational facilities for the increasing number of water sports groups in Lifford & Strabane.
  • Family Space incorporating unique play experience, designed to support children focused events & related programming.