Derry City & Strabane - Have Your Say 2023/24 - Improvement Objectives




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Have Your Say 2023/24 - Improvement Objectives

Performance Improvement Plan 2023/24 (draft)

Part 12 of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014 puts in place a framework to support continuous improvement in the delivery of council services, and the Council has an obligation to produce a Performance Improvement Plan. 

The Improvement Objectives we have identified for 2023/24, are set out below and we are particularly keen to know if:

  • You agree that the draft performance improvement objectives are appropriate
  • What alternative improvement objectives would you like to see considered this year or in the future.

Improvement Objectives 2023/24 (draft)

The proposed draft Improvement Objectives for 2023/24 are as follows:

  1. To mitigate the impacts of cost of living and other price increases on the ratepayers of the district by reducing Council net costs for the 2023/24 financial year by £3.5m

Sub Objectives

  • To deliver efficiencies and service reconfiguration that maximise the utilisation of council resources whilst delivering on our responsibilities to our stakeholders
  • To minimise the impacts on our ratepayers of the financial pressures facing Council
  • To deliver an ambitious capital plan that incorporates a further £90m of community projects and £240m of City Deal/Inclusive future Fund projects
  1. To assist a return to healthy lifestyles through regrowing participation in high quality leisure, sports and physical activity

Sub Objectives

  • To consolidate and increase overall user numbers of Council leisure centres to achieve pre Covid levels of 1.1 million paid user visits
  • To implement retention and growth strategies to achieve a gym membership baseline of 6,000 paid members (includes direct debits, advanced payments, corporate and staff membership schemes)
  • To target under represented groups through inclusive leisure, sport and physical participation which lead to more active lifestyles
  • Achieve Sport & Physical Activity targets of 5,000 participants per year for targeted programmes including
    • 500 ‘Disability’ participants
    • 2,500 ‘Female’ participants
    • 2,000 ‘Area of High Social Need’ participants
  • Maintain current levels of satisfaction/net promoter score
  • To target participation by those living in deprived areas (target above of 2,000 participants from areas of high social need)
  1. To create a greener, cleaner more attractive district

Sub Objectives

  • To protect and promote our natural and built assets
  • To protect and enhance our environment
  1. To deliver improved customer satisfaction by improving customer support services and processes

Details of the draft improvement objectives, why we have selected these objectives, what actions we are taking to make a difference and our measures of success are available here

Your Views

All feedback is very much appreciated. Please tell us what you think by completing the consultation below.  The consultation closes at noon on Friday 4th August 2023 at 12pm. 

Share Your Views

Alternatively you can email  with your comments on the draft Improvement Objectives 2023/24


You may telephone 02871 253 253 Ext 4266 and someone will make a note of your comments or telephone you back to discuss.