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Council confirms notification from Pet FBI to close dog shelter

1 December 2023

Derry City and Strabane District Council has received formal notification this week from Pet FBI that they will not be providing the dog shelter service at the Pennyburn Industrial Estate from next week.


The decision was made despite extensive discussions between Council and the charity to get them to continue with their current lease.


Council have reassured the public that it will continue providing a dog kennelling service at this facility for stray dogs collected by the dog wardens. 


A spokesperson for Derry City and Strabane District Council said it was disappointing that the charity could no longer provide this much needed service.


“The Council is very grateful for Pet FBI’s support and for the excellent service they have provided over the last three years. Although the number of stray dogs in the council area has reduced over recent years council continues to experience challenges in relation to some dog owners failing to remove foul and/or keep their dogs under control when in a public place.


“On a positive note, this Council, with the assistance of the Dogs Trust and other animal charities, and alongside a series of education and enforcement initiatives by our dog wardens, have steadily reduced the numbers of dogs coming into our dog shelter.  We have also significantly reduced the number of dogs humanely destroyed.”


The Council extended its thanks to Pet FBI for their services and said every effort is being made to support the Dogs Trust and other dog rehoming centres to secure a home for any unclaimed dogs in the council area. Council has also reassured the public that it will now consider options for the temporary kennelling of stray dogs collected within the council area.


Council would also like to make Dog owners across the Council aware of their responsibilities as owners of pets and said everyone must take a proactive and responsible approach to dog ownership.


“Dogs that are allowed to stray will foul the local area and can cause upset, disturbance to the local community. They also have the potential to attack livestock, domestic pets, or people in the community.  Any dog unaccompanied and outside of its own property is considered a stray dog and will be impounded.   A straying offence will result in a £80 fixed penalty or upon prosecution in court a maximum fine of £1000.  Dog owners should ensure that their pets are kept secure in their property, especially at night. Dog owners can obtain further information on their responsibilities on the council website.


The public can report incidents of dog fouling confidentially by emailing [email protected] of calling 028 71 251251.

Further information on responsible dog ownership is available on the council website Derry City & Strabane - Dog Control & Animal Welfare (

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