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Booking & Payment Information

  • Can I reset my booking / member account password?

    To reset your password

    Visit the Leisure services customer portal here

    • Click the 'Log in' button
    • Click ‘I have forgotten my password’ and then enter your email address and select 'Continue'
    • You’ll then be sent an email with a link to reset your password
  • I don’t have a debit/credit card, can I pay for a booking?

    Payments are required at the time of booking. 

    If you do not have a credit/debit card, you can book and pay inhouse by cash by calling the centre you wish to make a booking.

  • Why am I being asked to pay for my activity?

    If you hold a membership with us, your membership number may not be connected to your booking account or the activity you are booking is not included in your membership type.

    To ensure you are not being charged for activities included in your membership, your booking account must be linked to your membership.

Making a Booking

  • Do I need to bring proof of my booking to attend my activity?

    Yes, you will need to show a booking confirmation on arrival. 

    Your confirmation is found in the My Bookings section of the app and you will be able to use your member card on the reception scanners on arrival. Alternatively, all bookings are confirmed via email.

  • How do I book a gym session?

    A gym induction is required prior to use, this must be booked in advance.

    Once complete, there is no need to book a session, you can just come along to your choice of centre and use the gym, subject to normal admission rates.

  • How do I book a swim or fitness class?

    •    Customers are encouraged to book online to guarantee their activity date and time.
    •    Bookings can be made online by selecting your preferred venue here, or via the leisure services App.

  • How far in advance can I make a booking?
    • Swimming, gym, fitness classes and other court activity bookings will be available 7 days in advance for members
    • Activity bookings will be available 3 days in advance for non-members.
    • Birthday party bookings will be available one year in advance in most locations.
    • Activity sessions are subject to availability and programming
  • What activities run in the centre?

    All fitness classes can be viewed on the app and web and are bookable through these.

  • What happens if I fail to cancel or fail to attend my booked activity?

    A strike is automatically applied to your account if the activity booking is not attended. If you receive 3 strikes, further booking privileges are also suspended for one month.

    You can still attend prior to the activity, and subject to availability will be able to take part.
    If you have a query in relation to the strike, this can be raised in the centre for review.

  • What if I need to cancel a class booking?

    Class bookings can be cancelled via the app or web when you log into your account, these will be accepted upto 2hrs before the start time, any cancellations after this will raise a strike on your account.

Memberships & Payments

  • Can I change my home centre?

    Yes you can change your home centre by emailing [email protected]

    Please note for members on all inclusive membership types, you will have access to all centres regardless of home centre.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    We don’t want to see you leave. If you’d like to review your membership type instead, please contact a member of our fitness team in any centre or alternatively email [email protected]

    If you are unable to find a suitable alternative membership, you can cancel your membership by emailing [email protected], we require 30days notice to process cancellations.

  • How do I freeze my membership?

    You may request that we freeze your monthly prepaid membership if you are temporarily unable to continue participating due to pregnancy or medical reasons. If you’d like to freeze your membership type, please email us on [email protected].

    We may require reasonable evidence to support your request which can be uploaded when submitting a membership freeze request.

How to book

  • Step 1 - Select your Centre

    Once you've selected your leisure centre, click on your chosen activity, it will either be view the class or swim timetable or, if Foyle Arena, Book the Climbing Wall.  Once you click on any of these you will see slots that are available for booking.



  • Step 2 -Select Your Activity

    You may need to select your chosen centre from the dropdown menu as highlighted below.  This will help filter out all of the activities from the other centres. 


    Once you have done this it will bring up all the activities for that Centre, in this case it's Foyle Arena. You can filter your activities further by ticking/unticking the ones you want to see. 


  • Step 3 - Select the Date

    You can select the date you're looking to attend that activity by clicking on the arrows highlihted below.  It automatically defults to today's date.  Activities are bookable seven days in advance. 


  • Step 4 - Timetable of Activities

    Once you've selected the date, you will see a list of activities for that day. 


    In this instance, studio cycling for Foyle Arena has been selected so it shows all studio cycling classes for that day. 



  • Step 5 - Booking a Slot

    Once a slot has been selected, you click 'Book' to reserve that spot. In this instance, it's letting you know that there are 5 spots out of 27 available to book. 

    If you are a member, you can simply hit book and log in to confirm your slot. If you are not a member or have an account, you will need to create an account. This is illustrated in Step 6.


    At this stage, you will be asked to login to book as highlighted below.



  • Step 6 - Creating an Account & Logging in

    You will have to login to book using your username and password.  If you don't have a login you can create one by clicking 'Sign Up' on the casual membership option, this allows you to book single classes. At this stage you can also sign up for a membership as well by clicking 'Buy Membership'.  Whichever option you select, you will have to create an account.  You will be asked for some personal details as highlighted below as well as your email address and password.  You will use your email address and password to access your account to make any future bookings. 


  • Step 7 - Your Account

    Once you have created your account and are logged in you will be able to make bookings and see how many bookings you have made on your account.  You can do this by using the navigation on the right hand side to control your bookings.  



    Please note you will need to have your credit card details at hand to book a class, swim or any activity.  You will add that activity to your basket and follow the steps.




  • Step 8 - Confirmation

    Congratulations.  You're booked. Upon completion of step 6, a confirmation page will show, this confirms all the details you need for the activity you are attending.  


    You will also receive an email to the account that you registered your account with.


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