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The Giants of the Sperrins

The Giants of the Sperrins Sculpture Trail is a hugely exciting and innovative tourism project created to showcase the epic stories associated with the Sperrins, the inspirational nature of the landscape and the giant spirit of its people. The trail consists of three distinct, innovative, and unique yet linked artworks by the internationally renowned artist Thomas Dambo.

Installed at three different locations all within the Sperrins region The Giants of the Sperrins are born from the geology, archaeology and heritage of the Sperrins. They evoke the mystical, and celebrate the ancient, intriguing and atmospheric natural beauty and history of the region. They embody past, present and future and speak specifically of their location:

  • Nowanois, the Seanchaí or storyteller recalls times and generations gone by;
  • Darach, the Guardian watches over the present;
  • Ceoldán The Stargazer looks to the future, and the unknown.

They call us to explore the story of the many generations that have helped shaped this magical landscape and to appreciate their rich and enduring culture; they call us into the landscape -  to notice, reflect, embrace and cherish this place…the Sperrins.


The Storyteller – Glenelly Valley

Met himself somewhere along the road
Down he sat, had a chat, passed on a wooden note
A little story about the now, the time that always slipped
you can’t catch it; only remember and, at times, predict

The Stargazer – Dark Sky Park

Listened closely; a composition in the whispers
High in the sky sang a choir of the seven sisters
The melody, a nod to each note within his spiral
and as day turns to night, he sings the song so vital

The Guardian - Mullaghcarn

Daughter of a wicked hill
slashed a hole in the day, bend time by her will
the cane of kings and all above, she swiftly swung the staff
and from the past, she passed apple, oak, and ash

This is the act of balance; future memories being made
All rising to the challenge in bright sunlight and shade
we see a glimpse, here, now there, the river winds along
you take one step, then two, and three, and thus forever on




















The overarching theme is the idea of infinite dimensions of Dreamtime, other realms, and the thousands of campfires in the sky said to belong to people of the other worlds. Ancient Neolithic, Celtic, and early Irish history describe how one would consult with your former and future self from other dimensions, through portals, to be in balance with the present.

Getting There

Ceoldán Location: Situated at the OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory, Davagh Forest, 155 Davagh Road, Omagh BT79 8JQ. Parking, toilets and additional visitor services are available. Click on the link below for additional information including opening times: 
OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory

Now Anois Location:  274 Glenelly Road, Omagh, BT79 8LS (Site of the former Sperrin Heritage Centre) Parking on site. Follow gravel path from car park. Note toilets are available in the nearby village of Cranagh.
Find it here on Google Maps

Darach Location: Situated at the peak of Mullaghcarn Mountain. Access is on foot from Gortin Glen Forest Park. Parking, toilets and additional visitor services are available at Gortin Glen Forest Park, Glen Park Road, Gortin, County Tyrone, BT79 7SU. Click on the link below for additional information and opening times.
Gortin Glen Forest Park 


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Sperrin Partnership Project

This project is funded under the Rural Tourism Scheme of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2014-2020   by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, and the European Union and in partnership with Derry City & Strabane District Council, Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, and Mid Ulster District Council.

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