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Most of you we know take participation in the WHM very seriously, training regularly with a running club or group----brilliant to see so many people out there week after week, on the Roads, Greenways, Paths and Parks.

All of you will arrive on the start line in good shape and ready to go! You will have logged the necessary training  miles and will be keen to reap the rewards with a big performance and perhaps a PB!

Others may not have the benefit of group training partners so we have reproduced our 12 Week Beginners Half Marathon  and Relay Training Schedules as a guide to getting in shape for 6th September.

It assumes an existing basic fitness level so for some dropping in at Week 4 should be fine. Starting on the Week 2 or 3 schedule and adjusting as you progress is also an option! However as the guidelines indicate, if you have not been exercising regularly recently, please consult your GP and get the all clear before starting your training programme.

Half Marathon Training Programme


We want to encourage everyone to get involved and our 3 Person Relay option offers taking on the 13.1 miles in bite size chunks, of 5mile, 4 mile and 4.1 mile.

Why not consider this option and get on board alongside a couple of your friends or workmates? We have a Relay specific training schedule for this, check it out. *

Numbers are restricted for the Relay option so get your entry in asap! *

Relay Training Programme


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