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Derry Cittie & Strabane Destrick Cooncil

Walcum tae our Ulster-Scots blaudie

Here kythes wittins anent Cooncil services in the Ulster Scots, forby wittins anent Ulster Scots forgaithers an daeins in the Cooncil airt. 


Ye can:

  • Write us in the Ulster Scots
  • Hae yer name an bide kythe in the Ulster Scots
  • Speir efter a wheen Cooncil screeds for a translate intae the Ulster Scots
  • Mak an applee tae our Grant Aid program for Ulster-Scots projects an forgaithers

Wad ye tak tent at Ulster-Scots inpits will be needan a translate an thon cud tak us a whylie langer for tae gie ye a repone.

Download Ulster-Scots Policy
Download an ‘At a Glance’ version of the policy here 

Mair wittins:

Pól Ó Frighil
Earse Leid Officear
Derry Cittie and Strabane Destrick Cooncil
98 Strand Raa
Derry BT48 7NN
Tel: (028) 71 253 253 (Ext: 6706)