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Arts & Culture Strategy 2019-2024


The Arts & Culture strategy is designed to complement Council's Tourism Strategy and Integrated Economic Development Strategy. It has been aligned with the outcomes identified within the Strategic Growth plan and is cognisant of the wider strategic and cross border environment. The consultation process for the strategy was based on a co-design methodology to promote creativity and collaboration.

We worked together to create this strategy and we will work together to deliver it. We will involve representatives from our audiences and participants, the voluntary, community and private sectors, the arts and culture sector, other relevant statutory bodies, agencies and support organisations from across the North West co-ordinated by Derry City and Strabane District Council in partnership with Donegal County Council. This will ensure every aspect of the strategy continues to be practical and achievable and meets local needs.

Next Steps 

1.    We have recruited a broad-based of members for a co-delivery network/ forum from audiences; communities; Derry City and Strabane District Council elected members and staff; and the arts and culture sector and reflecting Section 75 groups clustered around the six aims of this strategy:

• Engaging citizens and growing audience
• Delivering quality programme, product and practice.
• Making our marketing and communications integrated, effective and ambitious.
• Investment in the potential of our creative citizens and sector.
• Strengthening the cultural infrastructure and grow employment opportunities.
• Demonstrating and communicating the difference that our community makes.



Selected Nominees

Aim 1: Engage Citizens and grow audiences

Cath McBride

Eibhlín Ní Dhochartaigh

Aim 2: Deliver quality programme, product and practice

Stephen Batts

Catherine Hemelryk -

Aim 3: Make our marketing and communications integrated, effective and ambitious

Edel MacBride -

Lisa Heaney -

Aim 4: Invest in the potential of our creative citizens and sector

Derek Moore -

Rachel Melaugh -

Fiona Umetsu

Aim 5: Strengthen the cultural infrastructure and grow employment opportunities

Pauline Gardiner -

Anne McMaster

Aim 6: Demonstrate and communicate the difference that our community makes

James Kee

Tommy Barr


2.     We will address skills gaps in the co-delivery group and ensure that all fully embrace their responsibility as representatives of citizens and the sector in a partnership of equals 

3.    Council will co-ordinate an initial meeting to elect representatives to the co-delivery group ensuring that all arts and culture sub-sectors; audiences, communities and participants and council elected members and staff are represented.

4.    We will develop a cross border memorandum

5.    We will set up regular meetings of the co-delivery group.

6.    We will ensure formal and informal links with other delivery groups working to achieve similar goals such as the Delivery Partnerships for Tourism and the Growth Plan and the new Heritage Delivery

Download the  Arts & Culture Strategy (2019-2024).

Arts & Culture Full Strategy 2019-2024

Arts & Culture Strategy 2019-2024 Executive Summary