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City Deal & Inclusive Future Fund

The Derry & Strabane City Region City Deal, led by Derry City and Strabane District Council, will be bolstered by further investment through the Inclusive Future Fund. The Inclusive Future Fund (IFF) is aimed at bringing greater prosperity and social benefits to our communities.

The total investment package will see circa £250m invested across our City Region. This is made up of £100m City Deal funding with £50m from the UK Government match funded by the Northern Ireland Executive with a further £50m. The Inclusive Future Fund will see a further investment of £110m with £55m coming from the UK Government and £55m match funding from the Northern Ireland Executive to:

  • Tackle the causes and consequences of long-term social and physical deprivation
  • Create pathways to employment by providing jobs and skills opportunities
  • Build on the economic potential of the local university and innovation assets, making the local area more accessible and attractive to live, visit, study and invest.

Derry City & Strabane District Council and its delivery partners will bolster this central government’s commitment of £210m with an additional investment of £40m.

The investment package for the Derry City and Strabane City Region will enable us to take forward a range of regionally significant strategic projects across Innovation, Digital and Health, and Regeneration, Tourism and Renewal. This investment will be underpinned by a programme for job creation, skills and employability.

The aim of the City Deal and Inclusive Future Fund is to increase and realise the economic potential of the City Region to support a more prosperous, united community and stronger society. The City Deal investment will help boost innovation and the digital potential of the city region and unlock local partner funding, whilst the Inclusive Future Fund is aimed at bringing greater prosperity and social benefits to the whole of the community.

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