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City Deal

Delivering Inclusive Growth

City Deal for the Derry~Londonderry City Region

The Inclusive Strategic Growth Plan for Derry and Strabane sets out our ambition of a thriving prosperous and sustainable City and District with equality of opportunity for all.  

The final Plan was published on November 6th 2017, and identifies the outcomes and objectives which have been prioritised as essential drivers for delivering inclusive economic, social and environmental growth and equality for the City and District over the next 15 years.

In support of the Strategic Growth plan, Council has already approved an extensive and ambitious programme of capital investment which, along with leveraged funding, will see the delivery of over £130m of community capital projects across the City and District. This investment has been enabled through efficiency savings generated by the new Council since amalgamation and new rates investment.

Furthermore works on key regenerative infrastructural projects have commenced including the €30m multimodal transport hub as well as the upgrade of the A6 starting with the Randlestown to Castledawson and Dungiven to Derry sections.

The City Deal proposal represents another significant component focused on the investment priorities with the greatest economic impact.

You can find the Strategic Growth Plan and information on the Strategic Growth Partnership and progress at www.growderrystrabane.com

City Deal Vision & Outline Bid Proposal

The Outline Bid Proposal sets out our ambition of how a partnership with Government will contribute to national growth in the Derry~Londonderry City Region and Northern Ireland. In response to the Chancellor's invitation it is our bid for Government to partner with us through a City Deal as a mechanism to unlock our investment opportunities to catalyse our growth to deliver on the priorities of the Inclusive Strategic Growth Plan to bring about lasting change in terms of the growth of the entire region.

We have identified the investment priorities with the greatest economic impact and prioritised these opportunities:

  • Investment in innovation is at the core of our proposal to grow our economy. Built  around the growth of our University and scaling up of our research and innovation  assets in: health and life sciences; personalised medicine; cognitive analytics and  artificial intelligence; robotics; advanced manufacturing; virtual and augmented  reality, immersive tourism; and hybrid learning, we will ensure that our City Region  is positioned to maximise the opportunities of the 4th industrial age.
  • Investment in our digital infrastructure is critical to leveraging and the scaling up our innovation assets and to creating the conditions for growing our private sector into the future.
  • Investment in our enabling infrastructure and the regeneration of our City and Town centres, central riverfront and A2 road economic corridor will remove existing barriers to growth currently constraining the development of our key strategic sites. It will provide the foundations and physical space we need to grow our University and increase our innovation footprint whilst leveraging significant private sector investment opportunities.
  • Investment in regional infrastructure through the major road upgrades of the A5 and A6 will ensure that our businesses are not hindered by weak uncompetitive regional infrastructure to unlock growth in our City Region and across.

You can view and download the full Vision and Outline Bid Proposal below:

Download the Vision and Outline Proposal