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Board Contacts



Name Organisation Email Address
Ms Catherine Cooke  Foyle Women's Informationn Network  [email protected]
Mr William Lamrock YMCA [email protected]

Ms Wendy Gibbons  

Outer West Neighbourhood Renewal   [email protected]
Mr Paul Gallagher Strabane Trade Council [email protected]
Ms Alison Wallace Waterside NP [email protected]
Ms Maureen Hetherington The Junction [email protected]
Ms Teresa Stewart Strabane A.Y.E. [email protected]
Ms Agniszka Luczak Polish Abroad [email protected]
Mrs Anne McTaggart Youth Action [email protected]
Ms Maura O'Neill WHSCT [email protected]
Ms Kathleen McCaul        NWRC [email protected]
Chief Inspector Rosemary Thompson PSNI [email protected]
Mr Gerard O'Neill Dept of Agriculture Gerard.O'[email protected]
Paul Ryan Youth Justice                             [email protected]
Mr Gerard Deeney NIHE [email protected]
Stephen Quigley WELB [email protected]
Ms Dairine McGarrigle Dept of Communities [email protected]
Margaret Mclaughlin Dennet Interchange [email protected]
Cllr Sandra Duffy Sinn Féin [email protected]
Ald Hilary McClintock  DUP [email protected]
Cllr Christopher Jackson Sinn Féin [email protected]
Cllr Ruairí McHugh Sinn Féin [email protected]
Ald David Ramsey DUP  [email protected]
Cllr Brian Tierney  SDLP [email protected]
Cllr Steven Edwards  SDLP  [email protected]
Cllr Martin Reilly SDLP [email protected]
Cllr Philip McKinney   ALL  [email protected]
Cllr Aileen Mellon  Sinn Féin [email protected]
Derek Moore Londonderry Band Forum [email protected]
Cllr John Boyle   SDLP [email protected]
Cllr Raymond Barr  Independent  [email protected]m

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