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Peace Plus

What is PEACE Plus?

The PEACE PLUS Programme is a €1bn investment in the social, economic and environmental development of Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland. It comprises six themes, which encompass 21 individual investment areas. It is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.

On this Derry City and Strabane District Council PEACE Plus page our focus is on Theme 1.1 on which local councils take the lead. If you need information on the wider PEACE Plus Programme managed by SEUPB, please see their website where detailed information is available:

Theme 1 is ‘Building Peaceful and Thriving Communities’. Under Theme 1.1 there are ‘Co-designed Local Community PEACE Action Plans’ with a provisional figure of €90m spread across the participating local councils in Northern Ireland and the border counties. Derry City and Strabane District Council is one of those councils which will be applying to SEUPB for funding under this theme.

In 2022 we are just in the stage of building our bid for funding and applying to SEUPB for funding. It may be 2023 before funding is secured, launched and rolled out to benefit our council area. That said, it is really important that local groups engage with us during 2022. By taking part in our consultation and co-design process, we can collectively make sure our funding bid includes the right type of projects relevant to this funding stream which can most benefit local people.

What is PEACE Plus theme 1.1 about?


Theme 1.1 will have local councils in NI and the border counties as Lead Delivery Partners. It requires councils to create a co-designed Local Community PEACE Action Plan. ‘Co-designed’ means the design of the content in the plan, and the management of that plan in delivering projects, will be a partnership process with input from a range of statutory and community and voluntary sector organisations all done in the public interest. I.e. We will work with local people to get the best ideas for projects to put into the plan. Then we will send that plan to SEUPB (the funder) and secure money to help our council area.

The PEACE Action Plan will enable diverse partnerships to establish priority actions for their local areas and collectively address these in a manner which will make a significant and lasting contribution to peace and reconciliation. The plan will be centred around three core themes:

1. Local community regeneration and transformation;

2. Thriving and peaceful communities; and

3. Building respect for all cultural identities.

The plan will enable and empower the local community partnership to self-determine and deliver priority projects on a cross community basis, which will result in improved, shared and inclusive local services, facilities and spaces and make a significant and lasting contribution to peace and reconciliation.