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Regeneration of Brooke Park


Brooke Park

Brooke Park is an historic landmark within Derry/Londonderry, it is an 8 hectare public park located 1km northwest of the city centre, which runs from infirmary road in the south to Rosemount Avenue to the north. Brooke Park has provided a valuable green space for recreation and relaxation for the citizens of Derry since 1901.

Brooke Park was first opened to the public as a park in 1901 to great fanfare and celebration; it was perceived as beautiful parkland which offered the residents:
‘a place of outdoor recreation for the citizens of Londonderry, and to be a place where in particular the working man could enjoy on the Sabbath day his pipe and a pleasant walk or rest after the labours of a severe week’s toil.’ James Hood Brooke’s last will and testament.


Since 1901, the city has seen huge social, political and economic changes, through the years Brooke Park has provided a valuable beautiful green space in the heart of the city. Brooke Park is now due to be closed for the next 15 months to facilitate a much anticipated 5 million pound regeneration project which shall see the park transformed for future generations of the city. The regeneration project has been funded by Derry City and Strabane District Council; the Heritage Lottery Fun and the Department of Social Development.

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