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Development Management IMPROVE


The IMPROVE project seeks to provide early opinions from the public on certain Planning Applications and on certain aspects of the Local Development Plan (LDP)

As part of the Development Management process, Council has initiated a new programme of enhanced public consultation and involvement called ‘IMPROVE’.

This provides an early opportunity for the public to become involved and engaged in certain prominent planning applications, to let Council know what you think of these proposals, located at key sites across our District. We’ll take these opinions on board and they’ll inform our discussions with the applicant, prior to Council deciding these applications.



What are we asking the public to do?

Prior to us making any formal decision on certain planning applications, we want your preliminary opinions on planning-related issues.

As part of IMPROVE, an EU funded project by the Northern Periphery and Arctic 2014-2020 programme which aims to facilitate the public in helping your Council produce better public services in this District, we would like you to give your early feedback on significant planning issues that Development Management will need to consider as part of its processing of the application.

It is important that all our citizens with an interest in the future development of our District become engaged in this process. We will also be consulting with consultation bodies.

Derry City and Strabane District Council is very keen for the community to get involved at an early stage in the planning process.  Anyone who wishes to get involved is encouraged to do so. This IMPROVE project is being piloted by the Council and will be subject to future review. Derry City and Strabane District stresses that any comments received as part of this IMPROVE project in relation to any of the planning applications will not be treated as an official representation (either objection or support) to this specific proposal.If you would like to make a formal representation on this Planning Application, please do so in writing, Click Here.

What is the benefit?

We hope to gain the general public’s views on certain prominent planning applications. It will enable Council to see the public’s views on key sites / planning applications within the District. In particular, tell us what you think about the design, materials, and general appearance of the proposal.

These benefits apply when public participation is a two-way process - where both the public and the Council can learn and gain benefit. Effective public participation allows the public’s opinions to be identified and incorporated into decisions that ultimately affect them.

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