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Maintenance Matters: Protecting Historic Buildings

Maintenance Matters: Protecting Historic Buildings

Regular monitoring and minor maintenance is the most effective way to protect historic buildings from deterioration. The most common cause of damage is due to water getting into the fabric of the building, from its roof, rainwater goods or exterior walls. If such issues are left unattended, they can cause serious problems within a building due to penetrating damp, leading eventually to rot.

Get to know your building. A regular schedule of inspection of a property can help to identify the risk areas and put plans in place for repairs before damage occurs.

Repair of historic fabric should always be the default option before considering the removal or replacement of any original features.

If your building is listed or in a conservation area, you may need to apply for consent before carrying out any works which alter the character and appearance. Please contact Derry City & Strabane District Council or the Department for Communities, Historic Environment Division for advice.

Ensure that you consider your safety, and the safety of others, when carrying out checks and maintenance on your building. Where works are required it is always good to consider gaining the advice of a qualified professional.

Click here for some tips to help you keep up with your building’s needs and the challenges that can arise from caring for an aging structure, or download the Brochure below.


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