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Embark on an angling adventure that welcomes everyone, as the North West Angling Fair proudly presents the groundbreaking "Angling for All" programme which will be delivered by Foyle River-Catchment Outdoor Group (FROG CIC). Designed to champion inclusivity, this initiative focuses on engaging underrepresented groups within angling, offering a gateway to the vibrant world of fishing for youth, ladies, and disabled anglers.


Tailored Workshops for Every Angler: Our Angling for All programme features specialised workshops crafted to resonate with diverse audiences. Expert coaches will be on hand, providing guidance and answering queries to ensure a welcoming and supportive environment. Discover the perfect angling experience tailored just for you!

Youth, Ladies, and Disabled Anglers Unite: Engage in hands-on workshops that cater specifically to the needs and interests of youth, ladies, and disabled anglers. From learning about fish identification to understanding the intricacies of angling tackle and equipment, these sessions are designed to empower participants to explore their newfound passion for angling.

Beyond the Taster Event: Our commitment doesn't end with a single event. Angling for All aims to provide a seamless transition for participants to continue their angling journey. Specialist coaches, with Freddy with Frog’s charming assistance, will guide individuals towards participant-specific angling tackle, equipment, and fisheries, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable progression within the angling community.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Fish Identification: Get up close and personal with different species, understanding their unique characteristics.
  • Macroinvertebrate Identification: Explore the fascinating world of aquatic insects, an essential aspect of the angling ecosystem.
  • Angling Tackle/Equipment: Learn the ropes from experts who will guide you in selecting the right gear for your angling adventures.
  • Fly Tying and Casting: Master the art of fly tying and casting, adding an extra layer of skill and enjoyment to your angling experience.
  • Fish Welfare: Understand key aspects of angling, ensuring responsible and ethical practices for the wellbeing of our finned friends. Plus, participants can put their newfound techniques to the test on the angling simulator before heading out into the real angling world!

Join us at the North West Angling Fair 2024 and be a part of the Angling for All movement – where diversity meets the riverbank, and everyone is welcome to try their hand at angling. To register your interest ahead of the event please contact FROG CIC at [email protected]

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