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Cycle Routes



Through the Active and Sustainable Travel Forum, we are developing the District’s cycling network, both for leisure and as a way of changing how people get to work, schools and other facilities. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we already have an impressive network of cycle provision, most of it traffic-free. The link below shows the current provision, colour-coded by the type of route:


  • Greenways are traffic-free routes, managed by Council, usually running through green spaces. They are shared paths for use by cyclists, walkers and runners so please respect other users – see our One Path page.
  • Roadside traffic-free routes are wide pavements, managed by DfI Roads, which have been legally designated for cycle use. Again, they are shared paths for use by cyclists, walkers and runners.
  • Park Cycle Paths are wide paths in Council parks, designed to be shared use. You are welcome to cycle on other paths in parks, but please be especially considerate to other users given the narrower path widths.
  • Quiet Roads are sections of the network where important links are shared with limited amounts of motorised traffic – please take extra care.

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We have also added a layer of known cycle parking provision that is open to the public, and the location of the 5 Bike Repair Stations, which have pumps and basic tools.

The map will be updated as new routes are developed – we are currently working to create an additional 50km of routes. We will soon be adding extra layers, including traffic-calmed streets and information on road crossings, to help you plan your journey.

If you find a problem with any of these routes, or have locations for existing cycle parking that we have missed, contact [email protected]

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