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Free of Charge:

Information on the Council’s website is categorised as free of charge (i.e. there is no charge by the Council, although the applicant would have to meet any charges by the internet service provider, telephone charges, personal printing etc)
In addition there are free of charge leaflets or booklets on the services the Council offers to the public.

Environmental Information Regulations:

The EIR allow public authorities to charge for making environmental information available. In general, a reasonable charge may include the disbursement costs in transferring the information to the applicant and the staff time taken to locate the information. This is in contrast to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) where disbursements are the only charges permitted unless the appropriate cost limit is exceeded. 

The charge for EIR requests is set at £25 per hour

Priced Publications:

Where the Council publishes books, reports, other bound documents, CD ROMs, DVDs, videos or other media, which have been priced for sale, then this price will apply. Contact us for further details: [email protected]

Photocopying, Printing and Administrative Costs:

While much information will be available free of charge, requests for multiple print-outs, or for archived copies of documents which are no longer available or on the web, will attract a charge for the cost of retrieval, photocopy, printing, postage, etc.
Also, where information is free of charge to view at Council offices or other locations but a standard photocopy or certified copy is requested a charge will be made.
The charges are as follows:

Photocopy charges

Black & White (A3, A4)        1- 10 copies 25p per page
11-25 copies                         20p per page
26-50 copies                         15p per page
50+ copies                            12p per page

Colour (A3, A4)                     1-10 copies 50p per page
11-25 copies                          40p per page
26-50 copies                          30p per page
50+ copies                             24p per page

Certified copy charges per A4 page £2.50 each

Printing Charges

Black & White  (A3, A4)        1- 10 copies    15p per page
11-25 copies                         10p per page
26-50 copies                         5p per page
50+ copies                            3p per page

Colour (A3, A4)                     1-10 copies     30p per page
11-25 copies                          20p per page
26-50 copies                         10p per page
50+ copies                             12p per page

Laminating     A4                    30p per page
A3                                            50p per page

Administrative / Information retrieval time £12.50 per hour

Postage and Packing at cost
A minimum price of £5 will apply.
The Council will advise the applicant if any such charges at the time of request. The charges will be payable in advance.

Professional Charges:

In exceptional circumstances, the Council may have to employ external specialists or other professionals to gather and prepare information to meet a specific request. A written estimate, to include time and materials spent by Council staff, will be given of the cost of providing such information. The Council will then aim to provide the information within a target of 20 days although this may be extended up to three months. All costs will have to be paid in advance.

In all of the above cases, VAT is not payable.

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