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What Is Regeneration?

The term regeneration can have many definitions, and put simply, is the process by which areas are improved visually and functionally. Providing benefit to local communities, stakeholders and those visiting an area.

Over the past few decades Derry, Strabane and our surrounding rural and urban communities have developed into much more vibrant, safe and attractive areas. The Council’s Regeneration Section along with our external partners and other Council Departments aim to continue this trend by promoting regeneration opportunities that have a positive impact upon local areas and communities.

The Council’s Regeneration function sits within the Environment and Regeneration Department. The Regeneration Section carries out a range of projects and initiatives across a range of thematic areas and which include physical streetscape regeneration, environmental improvements, heritage-led regeneration/restoration projects, regeneration master-planning, strategic Council property/site disposal and feasibility/business plan preparation.  The Regeneration Section, relies largely on external funding to deliver its projects, and has a successful track record in securing grant support from a range of external funders.

In line with Council’s Strategic Inclusive Growth Plan, the Regeneration Section, is committed to developing and delivering projects/initiatives that contribute positively to promoting the physical, economic and social well-being of the Council District. 

Here is an example of our current/recent project portfolio;

Carlisle Road & Spencer Road Revitalisation Shopfront Enhancement Scheme (2021-2013)

Strabane Town Centre Commercial Façade Painting Scheme (2022 March- September)

Sion Mills Regeneration Master Plan (2022-2037)

Covid Recovery Revitalisation Environmental Improvement/Public Realm Projects – Castle Street, Strabane; Bishop Street, Derry; Abercorn Square, Strabane; Derry Riverside (McFarland Quay); Waterloo Place, Derry (2020-2022)

Covid Recovery Revitalisation Urban Decorative Lighting Schemes: Castle St, Strabane; Waterloo St, Derry; Castle Street, Derry; ‘Let the Dance Begin’ Sculptures, Strabane; Ferryquay St, Derry (2020-2021)

Covid Recovery Small Settlements Programme Commercial Façade Enhancement & Environmental Improvement Schemes (2022-2023)

Strabane Town Centre Revitalisation Shopfront Enhancement Scheme (Butcher St & Church St) (2019-2023)

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Tony Monaghan

Regeneration Manager

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Jennifer Coyle

Regeneration Project Officer

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Maura Fitzpatrick

Regeneration Project Officer

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Shona Campbell

Regeneration Project Officer

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