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February 2017

Immediately following the Referendum result in June 2016 Derry City & Strabane District Council and Donegal County Council jointly resolved to undertake an initial scoping study on the likely impacts of the Brexit decision on the North West Region.

Ulster University Economic Policy Centre were appointed to provide research and technical support for the scoping exercise.  The work-plan elements included desk-top research, a literature review, economic modelling and stakeholder engagement across both the DCS&DC and DCC areas.

This summary report provides a brief review of the scoping exercise to date and some initial estimates of the potential impacts of Brexit on employment in the NWR, given its current economic profile and its position along what will become a land border between an EU member state and a non-member state, as well as the existing high levels of integration across the region in many areas of social and economic life.

It offers considerations on the potential impact of Brexit on some of these areas and what actions might be taken by the two Councils, government and non-government stakeholders to minimise these impacts and ensure any opportunities might be developed.

This report includes:

  • a review of the economic developments since the referendum;
  • an overview of the North West City Region’s economy;
  • considerations on the specific sectoral areas within the NWR
  • initial estimations of the economic impact of Brexit;
  • suggestions on mitigating risks and maximising opportunities.

As part of the work DCS&DC and DCC are jointly undertaking an extensive consultation exercise with representatives from the Business, Health, Education, AgriFood, Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise and logistics sectors. A brief summary of their early responses is reported within the report.

This initial report enables us to consider the socio-economic characteristics of the region, identify gaps in the knowledge base, consult with key stakeholders and evidence-share with agencies, social, community, voluntary and enterprise sectors and the business community.

This joint work will continue to deepen as the nature of the UK’s exit from the EU becomes clearer as will our ongoing consultation with all of those who live and work in this Region.

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