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Island Voices 2020

Derry City and Strabane District Council presents Island Voices 2020 - a series of online lectures which celebrates the shared heritage of Ireland and Scotland reflecting on the legacy of St Columba, our shared languages, and our centuries-old affinity which endures to the present day.

Éire & Alba: Island Sisters

This is a story of two sisters who share much in common: Éire and Alba - Ireland and Scotland - sister nations with a bond that stretches back hundreds of thousands of years, and a shared heritage that is celebrated the world over.

Ireland and Scotland have but a narrow expanse of water between them and over the centuries this short crossing has allowed for the exchange of language, tradition, culture, commerce and people. A modern view of the world places Ireland and Scotland as places apart but in reality each was only a short journey across water for the other.

So much has been shared through time across this Narrow Sea. It is no surprise then, that the languages of Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gàidhlig share such striking similarities, or indeed that Scots and Ulster-Scots weave so seamlessly together, or that our songs and music ring with echoes of each other. This constant ebb and flow of language, tradition and culture still defines our relationship today.

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