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Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership

Planning your Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership Ceremony

If you plan to have a Civil Marriage Ceremony or Civil Partnership Ceremony we will help you at this wonderful time in your lives to plan your own personal, meaningful and unique Ceremony to leave you with beautiful memories to treasure.

Five Steps

1. Choose where you would like to have your Ceremony. 

It is possible to have your Ceremony in the Guildhall, any of the Approved Venues, the Strabane Registry Office, or ‘in your home or an alternative location’*

2. Check your date and time with the Registrar. 

A quick call or email to our team (  02871 253253 or [email protected] ) can provisionally book your date and time.  Bookings can be made 3-4 years in advance.

3.  Book your Venue. 

Please see the list of Approved Venues within the District.  If you would like to enquire about getting married in your own home or another place please talk with the Registry Team and they will advise.

4. Submit your legal notice to the Registry Office. 

When you are within 12 months to the date of your Ceremony it is possible to submit to the Registry Office your Marriage or Civil Partnership Notice Forms (which are available at the Registry Office or can be downloaded at explanatory notes are attached) with relevant documents and fees.  It is advisable to submit at least 12 weeks before the date of your Marriage or Civil Partnership to allow the necessary administrative procedures to be carried out. The legal minimum notice period is 28 days but this is not advisable.

5. Plan your personal and beautiful Ceremony with the Registrar. 

As your day approaches and planning your Ceremony is at the top of your list, the Registrar will send you a copy of the Ceremony and arrange an appointment for you to discuss the details of your Ceremony.  The Ceremonies are very beautiful and are enhanced by including music, candle lighting/sand ceremony, reading/s, hand tying, loving cup ceremony or singing.  There is so many wonderful ideas and we love to spend this time with each couple as they plan the Ceremony of their dreams.

The Registrar will bring your Marriage Schedule to your Marriage Ceremony and immediately after your Ceremony ask you both to sign, your witnesses and she will sign too.  Then when the Registrar returns to the office she will register your Marriage and issue your Marriage Certificate. 

The District Registry Team assist you with all the legal preliminaries to your Marriage, look after your beautiful Ceremony and register the Marriage and issue your Marriage Certificate.  By choosing us you can rely on a professional, passionate and personal team who will help make your dream day come true.


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