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Community Crisis Intervention Service

The Community Crisis Intervention Service (CCIS), is a community-led initiative, which will respond to individuals who are observed to be in distress and potentially vulnerable, and who would in all likelihood, come to significant harm through self-harm and suicidal behaviour.

​​The service will provide a timely (within 30mins), non-clinical, community response to individuals experiencing social, emotional or situational crisis over the period (Thursday 8pm through to Sunday 8am).

​The aim of this initiative is to offer a short-term solution, (average 2 hours), which includes risk assessment, de-escalation, support, and identification of personal support options (friends/family).

This service will identify appropriate onward referral/signposting and help support the service user on how to take up the appropriate service.

The CCIS will ensure that people who are in crisis out of normal working hours can access support to manage their immediate crisis and go on to access timely and appropriate support. 

2023 Western Z Card Directory

If you need to speak to someone urgently, please call 028 7126 2300​  (Thursday 8pm through to Sunday 8am).

For futher information on this pilot service, delivered by Extern, click here

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