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OSNI Super Data Zone

OSNI recently added the Data Zone and Super Data Zone boundaries to their Spatial NI map viewer, which is a means of identifying the physical location of these geographies. To add the Data Zone boundaries to the interactive map:

•    click on the ‘Add Data’ icon on top ribbon (second icon from left)
•    in the search box enter ‘Data Zones’ and click the magnifying glass
•    this will return the Data Zone and Super Data Zone layers below – click ‘Add’ to add the boundaries to the map
•    clicking on a specific Data Zone on the map brings up a pop-up window with information including the Data Zone code and name
•    follow the same steps to add the Super Data Zone boundaries

The other version of the Spatial NI map viewer referred to in an earlier email is in the final stage of development. It will be similar in look and feel to the main Spatial NI map viewer but will have the main administrative and statistical geography boundaries available to add via the layer list. The aim is to also include the Central Postcode Directory (CPD) as a point layer, which will let users view the locations of the centroid of each active postcode in NI based on the most recent CPD.

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