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PCSP Events/Campaigns

PCSP Events/Campaigns

The aim of holding events is to deliver a reduction in crime and fear of crime and enhance community safety for all our residents and visitors.

To help make our communities safer PCSP:

  • Consults and engages with the local community on the issues of concern in relation to policing and community safety
  • Facilitates and supports events focusing on making our communities safer, shared and more confident.  These events are normally themed and are held throughout the year at locations across Council areas
  • Organises events including Road Safety, Tackling Rural Crime, Alcohol and Drugs, Celebrating our Young People, Home Safety, Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Delivers events in partnership with statutory agencies and the community

Support Hub –

Support Hubs were established in 2016 as part of the Problem-Solving Justice approach. Each Support Hub helps vulnerable people get access to the right support, at the right time, from the right organisations within their local area. The aim was to have a Support Hub set up to align with each local council area.

The Derry and Strabane Support Hub was established in August 2016 and is chaired by the PCSP manager. Partners in the Hub are PSNI, NI Housing Executive, Western Health & Social Care Trust (WHSCT), Education Authority (EANI), Fire Service (NIFRS), Youth Justice Agency (YJA), Probation Board (PBNI) & Ambulance Service (NIAS).

Members meet monthly but are in daily contact, sharing information and providing support to the most vulnerable in our community.  

If you wish to read the Evolution of Support Hubs in Northern Ireland, you can find the pdf here 

SIDs –

Derry and Strabane PCSP have shown their commitment to tackling road safety by investing in six Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) to address speeding concerns in local hotspots.  SIDs are designed to advise motorists in real time of what speed they are driving at and to encourage them to slow down and be wary of the speed limits.  The trailer-mounted SIDs will be placed in locations where speeding is a concern. 

Councillor Martin Reilly, Chair of Derry & Strabane PCSP at the time of the launch, said that the scheme highlighted the commitment of the PCSP to tackling public concerns.  “I am delighted to help launch the use of these Speed Indicator Devices which will be an important tool for us in raising awareness and in encouraging our road users to be safe and sensible when they are travelling.  We know from our public consultations that road safety and speeding is a big concern for a lot of people across the district and addressing this is a top priority for the PCSP and this shows that we are taking active steps to tackle this.  We will continue to work closely with all PCSP members and with the PSNI in the months and year ahead around placing the SIDs in locations of the highest concern, and we would ask the public to please be patient as the scheme is rolled out.”

If you would like to request a SID in your area, please contact your local PCSP member.  A full list of current PCSP members can be found here:


RAPID Bins – 

RAPID (Remove All Prescription and Illegal Drugs) is a health and community safety focussed initiative that promotes and facilitates the removal of all types of prescription and illegal drugs from the local community. The overall aim of the RAPID initiative is to reduce risk – at individual, family and community level – in relation to drug use and availability by providing a means for local people to dispose of, any drugs that they may have obtained, directly or indirectly, and which they would now like to ensure are put out of harm’s way.

Reduced availability = reduced opportunities in relation to both supply and demand = safer communities
Increased awareness = individuals more informed about risks and consequences and therefore making better choices = safer communities.

For more information go to or view our short animation at:

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