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Barking Dogs

Dog barking is one of the most commonly reported noise complaints received by Council each year.  Barking comes naturally to dogs, but constant barking or whining of a dog can be disturbing or annoying to neighbours.
If you are struggling with your dog’s barking or believe that it may be causing a nuisance to your neighbours please read the information below or contact the dog warden for some advice.  If you have a complaint about a dog barking click here to contact the Health, Housing and Public Convenience Team to investigate.

🐶 If you have a complaint about a dog barking click here

Advice for owners

Main reasons why your dog is barking:

 🐶 They are bored

 🐶 They are guarding their territory

 🐶 They miss you

 🐶 They hear strange noises

 🐶 They are afraid

 🐶 They get easily excited or are highly strung

They are in the habit of barking

If you have a nuisance barker on your hands, you should first determine why.  Dogs that bark incessantly in the yard could be bored. Owners should try to relieve the dog’s boredom by:

 🐶 Taking them for regular walks

 🐶 Providing them with chew toys and bones

 🐶 Changing the position of their kennel, etc.

If your dog barks as a result of separation anxiety (if it suffers when separated from the owner), then consider leaving the radio or television on when you are away to distract the dog, or contact an animal behaviourist.

Click HERE for more information on what to do if your dog is barking too much

Click HERE to read our leaflet on responsible dog ownership

Contact Details

Dog Control Team
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 📧 [email protected]​​

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