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Responsible Dog Ownership

As a dog owner, you are responsible for:

 🐶 Ensuring your dog is licensed

 🐶 Cleaning up after your dog – “Bag it, Bin it”

 🐶 Keeping your dog under control

 🐶 Micro chipping your dog

 🐶 Considering if you should neuter you dog

Click HERE to view our leaflet on Responsible Dog Ownership


Your dog and your new baby

If you’ve a baby on the way, now’s the time to start preparing your dog. Gradually introduce changes in your home and routines, using rewards  your dog enjoys, to help them cope well with the new arrival. Below you will find a useful resource and fact sheet for you or to share with dog owners who may bringing a new baby into their household.  The Be Alert, be Aware, Be Safe  initiative is particularly important to dog owners who don’t already have children as the dog poses a potential risk due to jealously, fear, response to noise and simply adapting to the new family dynamic.



Your dog and your baby factsheet



Welfare of dogs or other pets

If you feel that a dog or any other domestic animal is not being looked after properly or is being abused or neglected you can report the matter directly to the Councils Animal Welfare Department on 02882 256226. If your call is outside of normal working hours it will be redirected to the appropriate Welfare Officer on call.


Dog Control Team
02871 253 253
[email protected] 

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