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Let's Get Moving

Let's Get Moving, Let's Get Started 

The Let’s Get Moving, Let's Get Started Programme aims to integrate physical activity as part of everyday life for our participants through coach-led physical activity sessions and team activities as well as providing support and guidance on ways to lead a more healthy and active life.  Benefits of taking part in the programme include:

•    Physical Activity helps to keep our mind and bodies healthy. When taking part in some form of activity, endorphins are released into our bodies; these are powerful chemicals in the brain that energise you and help you feel good

•    Regular activity is key to developing strength, coordination and body composition

•    Participating in physical activities offers many opportunities. It can be a great way to meet new people or it can give you the opportunity to find some quiet time out from everyday life

•    Leading an active life can help boost your self-esteem and improve your confidence.

•    It can help you feel valued - and value yourself

•    Regular structured activity that you enjoy assists you achieving goals giving you a sense of purpose

The programme will be 8 weeks long and each week will consist of 3 coach-led physical activity sessions and team activities.  These sessions will provide participants the opportunity to increase their weekly levels of activity and to get participants thinking about making healthy life choices.

Starts: Wednesday 8th May 12-1pm
Cost: £50 for 8 weeks
Where: Foyle Arena 
Length of programme: 8 weeks (3 Sessions a week - Mon, Wed & Friday)

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Use barcode LGMP when booking online or alternatively you can pay directly at reception in Foyle Arena. 

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