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Importance of Door Number

The importance of having a visible address number on your home can not be emphasized enough. All too often police, fire and ambulace workers are delayed as responders attempt to locate the correct address. 

In an effort to serve you better, we request that residents and business owners cooperate in posting their street numbers on their homes and mailboxes.



Council allocate all postal numbers and street names within the Derry City and Strabane Council District and home owners have a responsibility to ensure that properties are marked with their allocated house or building number.Having a number displayed on your property not only assists emergency services finding your home when time is critical, but will also help other delivery drivers and services locate your home/building.

Council recommends the following guidance be used when providing number plates:

  • The numbers on residencies should be at least 3 inches/ (75mm) high and the numbers on businesses should be at least 4 inches/ (100mm) high.

  • Numbers should be a contrasting colour to the background. (Black numbering on a white background is the most contrasting – especially in the dark)

  • Reflective numbers are highly recommended, especially in the dark.

  • Numbers should be placed on, above, or at the side of the main entrance, so that they can be easily detected from the street.

  • If the entrance is more than 45 feet / (15m) from the street, or cannot be seen from the street, the numbers should be displayed on the mailbox or on a post/fence at the street or end of the drive.

  • Numbers should be installed in a location that can be clearly seen by traffic coming from both directions.

  • Numbers should not be placed near any greenery that could potentially obscure the number with further growth.

  • Decorative lettering makes it more difficult to read.

Should you require any further advice on building numbering, please do not hesitate to contact the Technical Support Officer on 02871253253 Ext 4277.




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