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Consumer Protection

Environmental Health Officers enforce product safety legislation that pertains to consumer products. There are two main pieces of legislation dealing with the safety of consumer products:

However, a range of product specific legislation exists that pertains to specific consumer products.  Some examples are given below:

The product specific legislation accessed via the example links above, may not necessarily include all relevant amendments and therefore you should consult

Officers of the Environmental Health Service undertake the following activities in relation to product safety:

  • Proactive inspections of businesses;

  • Providing advice and support to businesses;

  • Product safety surveys;

  • Product safety sampling;

You may also find the links below to organisations who have other consumer related roles, to be of interest:


Contact Details

For further information contact the Health & Safety and Consumer Protection Team:

 📞 028 71253253 

 ​ 📧  [email protected]  or  [email protected]

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