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Register My Appliance



Q: Who is the campaign aimed at?

A: Anybody who has a domestic appliance.


Q: Why should people bother to register an appliance?

A: By registering major appliances (e.g. fridge, freezer, washing machine, microwave) with manufacturers, owners will be contacted swiftly if an important free safety repair ever becomes necessary. By registering householders make their homes Safer in Seconds for all who live there. Unlike cars, household appliances are not automatically registered.


Q: Where can appliances be registered?

A: You can register at the website using a computer, tablet or smart phone.


Q: How long does it take?

A: The website is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to register, so it takes a very short time to become Safer in Seconds.


Q: What information is needed before registration?


A: You need to make sure you have information about the appliance before registering. This includes the product’s serial number, found on the appliance data plate (on the door frame of ovens, on the door of washing machines and inside the fridge compartment).

When clicking on the brand at and entering the model, the majority of manufacturers show where to find the data.


Q: Can only brand new appliances be registered?

A: Appliances up to 12 years old can be registered as most brands have made provision for this.


Q: What if somebody ‘inherits’ an appliance when moving into a new home or by being given an already used appliance?

A: These can be registered in the same way as other appliances – the important thing is for the information to be up-to-date on the location of the appliance.


Q: Why is there a safety of appliances form for internal use?

A: Many offices provide, particularly in staff kitchens, domestic appliances which can be used for food preservation and preparation purposes. These typically might include a fridge and a microwave oven. If these are domestic appliances, they can be registered through the website. Registration of the appliance, just as in the case of a householder, would enable the manufacturer to get in touch easily if ever a safety repair is needed. By registering, the owner - in this case the council - underlines its commitment to keeping the workplace as safe as possible and sets an example for all those working in the buildings.

The document is as simple as possible so those who are responsible for the appliances can simply print it off, once the products are registered, and fill in the necessary details. The document can then be displayed on or near the appliances to inform people of the registration status of the products they are using.

Commercial appliances, such as those used in preserving and cooking in staff canteens, are not part of the scheme.


Q: What brands can be registered?

A: More than 60 major brands participate in


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