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PAS 7050 and PAS 7100

PAS 7050:2022 Bringing safe products to the market – Code of practice

PAS 7100: 2022 Supporting Better Product Recalls

The UK’s product safety regulator, the Office of Product Safety and Standards has been working with consumers and businesses to support the development of a Code of Practice that will help businesses understand their responsibilities to supply safe products to consumers.

The aim is to ensure that not only are consumers protected from unsafe products, but that they have confidence in the products they buy and in businesses’ processes and preparedness to deal with any product safety issue should it arise.

PAS 7050:2022, Bringing safe products to market is intended for businesses, including manufacturers, designers, importers, distributors, repairers, refurbishers and the operators of online marketplaces for consumer products, to assist you in ensuring that only safe products reach the consumer.

PAS 7100:2022 Product recall and other corrective actions has been reviewed and this Code of Practice will support your business in preparing for and dealing with a product recall or other corrective action.  New guidance has also been produced on how to notify products that pose a risk to health and safety and/or are non-compliant.  This guidance sits alongside PAS 7100:2022.The guidance can be accessed here

Together, the new PAS 7050, the revised PAS 7100 and the associated guidance aim to help businesses have the appropriate systems and processes in place to enable the production of safe goods and to deal quickly and effectively if something goes wrong.  All the documents take the form of guidance and recommendations and can be downloaded for free.

PAS 7050:2022 | 31 Mar 2022 | BSI Shop (

PAS 7100:2022 | 31 Mar 2022 | BSI Shop (

Business notifications of unsafe and noncompliant products - GOV.UK (


What is PAS 7100 about?

The Code provides practical guidance to help ensure businesses can act promptly and effectively to protect public safety should a consumer product be found to be unsafe.
Part 1 of the Code sets out practical guidance on:

  • Monitoring product safety and traceability
  • Product Safety Incident plans
  • Managing a recall or corrective action situation

Part 2 of the Code provides guidance on the role of Market surveillance Authorities in supporting businesses to meet the code requirements.

Who is this PAS 7100 for?

PAS7100:2022 is intended for use by producers, importers and distributors of non-food consumer products irrespective of type or size.  

Why should you use PAS 7100?

Taking the time now to develop and implement your own Product Safety Incident Plan will mean that should a safety issue arise in the future with the products that you supply, you will be adequately prepared to act quickly and decisively to deal effectively with such matters.  

More information;

The PAS 7100 code is available to download, free of charge, from here
Further information on PAS 7100 code is available from here
The new video help for businesses to tackle product safety issues ‚Äčis available here

Environmental Health Officers from our Health and Safety and Consumer Protection Team will continue to visit business to check compliance with respect to their obligations regarding consumer product safety requirements.  Officers also provide support to businesses by helping to signpost to appropriate guidance and information on product safety.  

We would also encourage you to contact us, should you require any support or further information 

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E: [email protected] or [email protected]

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