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August 2015

Brooke Park

The contractor has been continuing to work at a pace carrying out the regeneration works across Brooke Park. The MUGA area has been transformed as the carpet has now been laid and the boundary wall along Rosemount Avenue is underway. The Contact Sports Centre and the Horticultural Training Centre have been undergoing internal first fix electrics and plumbing. At the pavilion/cafe the contractors have also been busy, at the beginning of the month a time capsule was incorporated into the building and a commemorative cornerstone placed at the north east corner of the building. The block work in this building is now practically complete and a lot of work has been carried out to the underside of the Pavilion Roof. The contractor has also installed the underground attenuation tanks for the surface water runoff within the site. The stone mason has also been restoring the historic steps that lead to the pond, and the pond has now been dug out and we can begin to see the shape and location of the new pond.

First fix trades at the HTC


New Cornerstone in the cafe/Pavilion


Plywood overhang at the pavilion/Cafe


Statue of Robert Alexander Ferguson

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