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June 2015

Brooke Park

The contractor has now been on site approximately four months and much has been happening in Brooke Park. The construction of the 3G pitch is well underway, the old tennis courts and basketball courts have been removed, the site has been cleared, the levels raised and the drainage for the new pitch has commenced. The contractor will continue to work on the MUGA and it is anticipated that it will be available to the public by late autumn of this year.

  • The contact sports centre is also well underway, the steel frame has been erected and the block work is now up to first floor level.
  • The horticultural training centre, foundations has been laid and the block work has commenced.
  • We were also very fortunate in that we found a time capsule, dating back to 1839 in the foundation stone of the old Gwyn’s building, the lead capsule has been opened, inside there was a glass bottle containing coins and papers. Unfortunately the paper was damp so we haven’t yet been able to open up the manuscript to see what is inside, but we keep you posted, once the paper conservator gets to work.
  • The steel has been erected for the new pavilion cafe and the concrete base will be poured in the next few weeks.
  • The gate lodge now has a new roof and the stone mason has been working on the repairing and replacing the damaged sandstone in the gate lodge and at the entrance onto infirmary road.
  • As well as all the work on the proposed new structures in the park the contractor has also commenced works on the railings on the entrance at infirmary


Drainage at the new 3G pitch


The steel frame at the Contact Sports centre


Block work at the Contact Sports centre


Foundations at the Horticultural Training Centre and the start of block work.


The time capsule inside the foundation stone of the old Gwyn’s institute building.


Our Mayor, Elisha McCallion, looking at the contents of the time capsule, found at Brooke Park.


The steel work at the proposed new cafe pavillion has been erected


The new roof at the gate lodge


Stone repairs at the gate lodge


Works to the infirmary road entrance


Drainage work on the main avenue.

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