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January 2016

Brooke Park

We are now into a New Year and the contractor is working hard to meet the programme. Despite all the cold and wet weather, work has been continuing on all the main buildings on site, doors are being installed as are the second fix heating, lights etc. The painting has also commenced on the interiors of the Contact Sports Centre and the Horticultural Training Centre. At the gate lodge the stone mason has been carrying out repairs to the gable end of the building, whilst also restoring the stone plinth of the statue. Works are also continuing along the boundary walls and railings.  Since the beginning of the year the landscape contractor has also been working hard planting the many trees and shrubs which are critical to the restoration of the Park.

Cladding on the outside of the Sports centre


Interior of the Contact Sports Centre


Interior of the Horticultural Training Centre


Landscaping on one of the terraces


Lift in the contact sports centre


New walls & railings along Rosemount Avenue


Planting on the terraces


Raised Planters behind the Horticultural Training Centre


Restoration works at the retaining wall at the gate lodge


Roof of the Pavilion Building


Stairwell in the Contact Sports Centre


Stone repairs at the gable end of the gate Lodge


Stone Repairs to the plinth of the statue of Robert Ferguson


Window sills in the Pavilion building


Works on the restored Oval Pond

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