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December 2015

Brooke Park

Throughout the month of November and into December the contractor has been very busy in Brooke Park, works have continued on the roofs of the Café and the Horticultural training centre. The walls in the café were lined and plastered. The first of the heating panels and the lighting was installed both in the CSC and the HTC building. The timber cladding of the external walls of the CSC was completed and the scaffolding was removed in time for Christmas. Throughout the Park the contractor has started to put steel edging along the edges of paths. The stone mason has continued to work at the walls on Rosemount Avenue and the entrance at Creggan Hill and also has begun to restore the granite plinth on which the statue of Robert Alexander sits. Work has also started behind the HTC, with the planted areas and the raised beds being kerbed. 

Doors fitted to the curtain windows at the pavilion


Excavating Base for the steel edging along the paths


Lighting & heating panels in the Gym at the CSC


Lights in the Horticultural Training Centre


Lining out kerbs for the growing area at the HTC


Play area & cushion areas stoned out


Railings at Rosemount Avenue


Raised beds at the HTC are kerbed out


Repairs to the stone at the Robert Ferguson Statue


Scaffolding removed from the sports centre


Steel edging of the paths through the park


Trenches at pond for underground pipes to the Mechanical & Electric Chamber


Wall at Creggan hill entrance being faced with stone

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