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February 2016

Brooke Park


Through the months of February and March, despite all the wet weather, the contractor has been making good progress on site. The main elements of work have included the installation of the long awaited gas pipe throughout the site, this involved substantial trench digging and back filling. The air monitoring unit was also relocated from the bottom of the park to its new location beside the Horticultural Training Centre.  

Works have also been continuing on the installation of the new railings along the boundary walls. Excitingly the first of the children’s play equipment has arrived on site and the installation of this equipment into the new playground has begun. The landscape contractors have also been battling the wet weather and have been planting the new shrubs in the numerous new beds dotted about the Park. Inside the buildings the contractor has been progressing with joinery work and installing damp proof membranes, installing lights and heating systems. In addition the restoration of the black man statue has begun, this has involved cleaning the statue and then applying a potassium sulphate chemical to bring him back to his original bronze colour.

External Lights outside the Horticultural Training Building


Finishes to the fascia and soffit at the Pavilion


Paintwork in the first floor of the contact sports centre


Trimmings around the windows in the gate Lodge


Trims to the stairs in the Contact Sports Centre


Wood Panelling in the WC in the Gate Lodge

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