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September 2015

Brooke Park

Works have been continuing in Brooke Park across all the buildings, the MUGA and the landscaped areas.  At the bottom of the Park, the gate lodge has had a dehumidifier and blow heater installed at various intervals throughout the month. The electricians and plumbers have continued to work on the horticultural training centre and the contact sports centre.  Work has also been continuing on the roof of the Café/pavilion. The rubber fill has been laid onto the MUGA and the stone mason has been busy with the boundary walls and pillars at Rosemount Avenue. The top soil has been laid out on some of the proposed new beds and the area forming the new playground and terrace has been marked out and excavated. 

Block Work & Mechanical Ventilation System in Sports Centre


Blow Heater in Gate Lodge


Completed MUGA Carpet with Sand & Rubber


Electrics in HTC


External Door Frame in Contact Sports Centre


Inside Proposed Cafe / Pavilion


Laying Terrace between Cafe and Childrens Playground


Middle Top Stone Steps between Pond and Cafe


New Stone Pillar at Rosemount Avenue


New Window Frames in HTC


Old Toilet Block Demolished at Gate Lodge


Outlets on HTC


Removal of Fences and Railings in Bowling Green at Rosemount Avenue


Roof Overhead in Cafe


Spreading Sand on MUGA Carpet


Stone Pillar at Contact Sports Centre Car Park


Stripping Top Soil in New Play Area


Top Soil Filling Kerb Lines

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